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Jamaica Hash House Harriers
February 13, 1998 - 2014
Kingston, Jamaica



On Sunday 10 May 2015, the Jamaica Hash House Harriers gathered for Run 442 at Wataland, Industry, St. Mary.

More info on this hash can be found here.


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19 May 2015: updated the "next run" page for run 443

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5 May 2015: updated the "next run" page for run 442

29 April 2015: added some pictures and an aerial view of the hike to Run 441 .

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10 February 2015:

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JAH3, based in Kingston, is a family Hash embracing a full spectrum of nationalities, ranging from one year old to those with more Hash runs behind than in front of them.
The runs *usually* take place every other Sunday afternoon, at different locations. Everyone with a sense of humor is welcomed, just show up, run or walk, and socialize!


Tips for Virgin Hares


   Unlike Columbus, ending on Jamaica's shores
being drunk, we enjoy OUR brew AFTER the run!

"Think responsibly, drink responsibly!"



These web pages are maintained by the Jamaica Hash House Harriers. We welcome MOST questions,
suggestions and comments to